Doubling Down: Preserving Our Humanity in the Digital Age

Scientist, musician, writer, and virtual pioneer Jaron Lanier and author and digital-era essayist Sue Halpern in conversation with ICE at Dartmouth director Marcelo Gleiser

Are the big digital technology companies actually modifying our behavior? Will that be the means to a beneficial end? We are inside a global-scale experiment in data gathering about human behavior. We have devices on us all the time. The devices give us real-time feedback about our actions and provide that information to companies that are vying for our attention. Is this model of our society sustainable? Is it contributing to the demise of democracy occurring before our very eyes? Jaron Lanier, the “father of VR,” and bestselling author Sue Halpern join Marcelo Gleiser, physicist and director of ICE at Dartmouth, to talk about doubling down on being human, a step that just might rescue our world—and ourselves.

Recorded at the Museum of Science in Boston on March 26, 2019